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Industrial Summit Technology / IST will continue to operate as we are deemed essential business.
We will adhere to all rules and regulations set by the government.
Our top priority is the health and safety of all.
Thank you for your support and business.

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  • Corporate Social Responsibility Policies

Corporate Social
Responsibility Policies

With the maxim, “value the basics” as the key phrase, I.S.T. creates a safe and healthy workplace filled with hope for the benefit of our employees and families, customers and community.

Corporate Social Responsibility Policies
Compliance Policy
I.S.T. will
Respect the law;
Honor human rights;
Strictly observe internal corporate policies;
Ensure all its business operations are legitimate;
Keep our operations and communications open and transparent; and
Practice safety, quality control and crisis management.
Environmental Policy
As a responsible manufacturer of functional materials, I.S.T. will
Proactively protect the environment;
Continuously improve our environmental management system to meet our compliance standards.
Quality Policy
I.S.T. delivers value-added, high-quality products that never existed before to bring delights to its customers.
Always pursue positive changes to attain innovation in our technologies and products.
Constantly review all activities to adapt relentless changes for improvements.
Continuously learn and strive for self-improvement as a team.
Corporate Social Responsibility Policies

Policy Elements

  • Recognize and support diversity
  • Racism, harassment, and bullying will not be tolerated
  • Prohibit child labor and forced labor
  • Conduct ethics education and awareness activities
  • Create a mechanism to uphold legal compliances
    • Comply with REACH, EPA guidelines and other legal environmental regulations
  • Implement environmentally sustainable procurement processes
  • Avoid the use of regulated substances -- (Halogens, RoHS, conflict minerals, etc.)
  • Develop environmentally friendly products that help reduce electricity consumption and extend product life
  • Encourage environmental education
Corporate Social Responsibility Policies

Work Environment

  • Equal employment opportunity
  • Work environment improvement
    • Simplified organizational structure and accountability
    • Clarification of duties and responsibilities
    • Accommodating work environment – (e.g. Remote work)
  • Safety and health management training
  • Risk management implementation
  • Self-improvement

Safety and Health Policy

Our organization is committed to ensuring the safety and health of our employees. We promote a comfortable work environment and facilitate effective work execution.

  • Work Environment
    • We are dedicated to providing a secure and comfortable working environment for all employees.
  • Establishing a Legal Compliance System
    • To fulfill our compliance obligations, we are committed to the continuous enhancements of our occupational safety and health management system.
  • Risk Assessment
    • We are continuously working to identify and eliminate potential hazards, aiming to reduce occupational safety and health risks. This commitment extends not only to the introduction of new equipment or changes to processes but also to ongoing operations.
  • Individual Safety Commitment
    • Each employee is expected to work independently and demonstrate a heightened awareness of occupational safety to build a robust safety ethic throughout our organization.